Brain Health and Meditation

Brain Health and Meditation
Investing in Vitality
Brain Health and Meditation

Jan 04 2024 | 00:15:23

Episode 9 January 04, 2024 00:15:23

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Shannon Vivar

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Mind over matter? More like mindfulness over madness! This episode considers the variety of techniques like meditation, yoga, and sound therapy that support your brain health, lift your mood, and sharpen your cognitive abilities. It covers the growing market of meditation, the intertwining of science and new age spirituality, research related to reducing dementia risk, biofeedback, brain frequencies, and more. Join us as we find zen in the chaos. Special guests on this episode include Justin (aka Geauxst) Bordeaux and John Buchanan.
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Welcome. And thank you for joining me for another gutted episode of investing in vitality. This is how many of the meditations I listened to on YouTube begin. There are soft lilting tones. Send the signal to my brain that it's time to quiet down the jumbled mess of my thoughts. My monkey brain. That's a term derived from Buddhist teachings that refers to the uncontrolled and restless nature of the human mind. Just as a monkey swings from branch to branch, our mind jumps from thought to thought. Constantly emotion, rarely at peace. If left unchecked, this nonstop chatter can result in overwhelming anxiety, stress, and other debilitating health conditions. So before we get into our session, take a deep breath. Settle into a comfortable seat and get ready as we explore the hearts of our minds together. Stress creeps into our daily routines under the guise of responsibility, ambition, passion.

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