Taming Tummy Bugs

Taming Tummy Bugs
Investing in Vitality
Taming Tummy Bugs

Nov 16 2023 | 00:11:36

Episode 0 November 16, 2023 00:11:36

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Shannon Vivar

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Discover the power of play to conquer stress! Jennifer Becker of Aspire Integrative Health joins Shannon Vivar on this bonus episode to talk about different kinds of tummy bugs from parasites and the microbiome to personal fears of judgment.  As a nutritional counselor, Jennifer takes a holistic approach to working with clients on diets, detoxs and improving relationships with self.  One of her secrets is to encourage bringing more play into our daily lives. This conversation gives a sneak peak into one of the areas that we will be tackling in the new year with a new conscious leader wellness program by the Vitality Exchange Collective, launching in early 2024. It's time to thrive!
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Welcome to vitality exchange, boosts and conversations. The interview series behind the investing in vitality podcast.   On today's bonus episode, I'm sharing a clip from my conversation with Jennifer Becker. A holistic health coach, a nutritional counselor with aspire integrative health. Jennifer. And I talk about why we need more than just diet to tame our gut issues. The full conversation with Jennifer Becker can be found in the vitality exchange group within the well stylists lab, community platform.  There are five main root causes for most diseases the things that break down the body, and that's toxins and what we were just talking about, the food dyes, all the crap they put in our food. And our water in our air is not pure, pristine either. Parasites, were like the only country that doesn't do a parasite detox regularly. You know, most countries starting at the age of three, they do something for, parasites, which, and we all have 'em. They cause all kinds of crazy issues. Also inadequate energy to sustain our healing mechanisms in our body. Poor blood circulation and, um, EMFs, radiations. There's things, if you take all that into consideration, there's things that we can do for every one of those things, right? We can do a parasite detox, we can get rid of the, the chemicals and everything in our food.  When your alkaline and when your body is back to homeostasis and balanced disease can't live there, and then you don't need those, those pills, right? Mm-hmm. Um, exercise is super important. And then, you know, play finding joy in the everyday.  As you get older, we forget how to play and have fun, that's been my goal this year. I've kind of been pulled in that direction a little bit inadvertently,  I got Hoop Coach certified back in like 2016, I think, maybe 2014. I love it. And I have seen people, I've seen it, you know, knock people out of depression and things like that. Just, um, it's a form of meditation, movement meditation, kinda like yoga and, uh, beautiful. I call 'em my magic circles,  my hula hoops. I tried. I am, I'm definitely not as skilled as I maybe was. Once you did, you did great. You just have to practice. kids do better with the smaller hoops because they have all those skills that we kind of lose as we get older. Like the jumping and the hooping, you know, stuff like that. Skipping. Have you seen those viral videos of older people being asked to skip? It's hysterical. You gotta look that up. It's funny.  We lose that as we get older. Skipping with the hoops. Skipping. No, not with hoops. Just skipping in general. We as, oh, as we get older, we, we forget how to hop, like trying to do hop scotch and stuff like that. It's so funny to watch adults try to do it when you haven't done it for so long, you know? And kids, every day they make it a point, like they go outside and play and they're hopping and jumping and doing all this stuff.  I think I could skip, I mean, we're gonna, we're gonna do this after podcast. We're gonna be in the, we're gonna be in the parking lot, skipping. Oh my gosh. And it's hard, you know, I, I used to work out at, um, at a gym and he would have us do things like that, you know, just for fun. And it was so funny to watch people try to skip. So do you do parasite, , cleanses? I talk about parasite detox and I've actually helped a lot of people through doing a parasite detox. There are so many different ways you can do it. There's, supplements. So paraguard is one, SCRAM is another. SCRAM is just really difficult. So if it's your, if it's your first time doing a parasite detox, I don't recommend taking that one. , you can do papaya, papaya seeds, walnuts. Um, there's just, there's, there are different things you can do for parasite cleanse. do you just assume that you have parasites? It's safe to assume you have them? Yeah, everybody has them. They're in our food even, I saw a video this morning on Instagram, organically grown local, you know, blackberries, after they wash 'em, they look at the water and there's worms in there. It's like, They actually, they make us who we are. It's so weird. Parasites are weird. Parasites are weird. Yeah. But some of 'em are bad, so we need to get rid of them. I actually have found it very interesting about the more studies that have come out with them about the microbiome. Yeah. Right? Mm-hmm. And the fact that their second brain, I think it's more important. It's, it's more important than genetics because this can't function when this is messed up. It, it really can't. Well, they, they actually say that the microbiome is actually more determinant of who you are Yes. Than your genetics. Yes. Because you can, you can turn off your genetics if you're predisposed to have cancer. 'cause you're, you know, people in your family have breast cancer or whatever. You can turn that off with your diet and, and making sure that your microbiome is top notch. fascinating. It's fascinating. Yeah. But you cannot heal and you cannot be healthy if you have parasites. If you have a parasite that's, mucking you up. I'm sure I have a lot of parasites. Oh, we can talk about this. We can talk about how to get rid of them. I mean, I eat healthy, I'm vegan. You know, they say bread, meat, and fish and stuff like that is where you're, you're most susceptible. But everybody is, I walk barefoot. That's how you get hookworms. I walk barefoot everywhere. And that, and, and hookworms actually get in through the bottom of your feet. They travel through your bloodstream into your throat and you swallow like, how disgusting is this? Sorry, I'm probably grossing y'all out now, but I, I'm, I'm feeling a little, little twingy, but that's okay. Yeah, so I mean, 'cause it's true. It's not just what you eat, it's our environment and how you live. So everybody has parasites. Like I said, in other countries, they start at the age of three, like detoxing. Their family from these things and we just don't do anything. It's wild. I mean, like you might remember when you were younger if you had pinworms, 'cause you know what that might be like, itchy bum pinworms. The whole family would have to take something for the pinworms. Um, but that's it. It's like, unless it presents itself as a major problem, then nobody ever thinks about it. So. Well, uh, you know, it's so hard right. You to figure out what's wrong with you. Like, for females, most of us have hormone issues. Yes. And most of us have gut issues. Uhhuh, it's because our food, it's not what our grandparents , you know, it's not what they had. It's, the chemicals. We're overloaded with a lot of stuff. Hormones I know are, are huge. I have, you know, my blood work done and everything. My testosterone for a 41 year old woman is low. And so I'm trying to work on that. There, you just, you have to have somewhere to start. So getting your blood work done is, I, I highly recommend getting your hormones tested and, and finding out where you're at so you have a baseline and then, going from there.   I work with women, so I really believe that the root of of everything, including gut issues, is not having an outlet for play, is not having that connection with your higher self. No spiritual tether at all. You know? One client in particular, working mom going to school also and I said, well, what do you do for fun? Well, we have a vacation coming up. We're going to Disney and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I said, no. Well, what do you do for fun? Like, how do you have fun? What do you do? It was nothing.  And it breaks my heart because you know, when you're, you stress everything like that affects your gut. Well, that we're in a society that's chronically stressed out. Yeah. you have to feel like you deserve play. And I think that a lot of people don't feel like they deserve it Yeah. That's how a lot of people think. Mm-hmm.  Trauma is a, big one. I had a client whose son had passed away, years prior, and ever since then she was just going downhill at thyroid problems. You know, the number one prescribed pill to women in America is for the thyroid. And, in her case, I think it was trauma that started all that. Mm-hmm. It's super unfortunate and we have to learn how to, process that. Personally, I think   something else I had to decondition from. It's like worrying about people thinking that something was wrong with me or that I wasn't successful in something. 'cause I bounce around so much different things, but I just love what I love and then I, I dive into it and when , I'm satisfied with like, knowing it and having done it, I'll move on to something else. And for a long time I thought that, that people would frown upon that. I was a photographer for eight years I had a home studio and did family photography and stuff and, I quit that. I just gave it up and I thought people were like, oh, well she wasn't making any money doing that. You know? It was like a fear of judgment. Mm-hmm. Ooh. Fear of judgment was a big one I had to work through. I learned how to fly airplanes and I thought for a minute that I was gonna open a air school 'cause that's what my dad had put in my head, you know, a flight school. And, uh, and I stopped doing that and I thought, oh, people are gonna think that I just sucked at it or whatever. And I, it took a really long time for me to get over that fear of judgment. You actually are amazing because a lot of people are just have a fear of change and that's why people don't try things. Yes. So you clearly are a risk taker. Yes. So that's one of my biggest pieces of advice though, is to do something that scares you.  My dad always said, if you're gonna eat an elephant, you gotta start with the first bite. So if you're, if you wanna do something and you're scared to do it, that's even more of a reason to do it, in my opinion.  The worst thing to do is do something that somebody else wants you to do. Yes. And or try it and, well, I always thought that, you know, I was doing what I was supposed to do. Yeah. And it was just not bringing me any kind of satisfaction. Yeah. So what I would do is I would just keep rolling over any kind of successes because I don't know that they were my successes. Right. it. It just felt like something I was supposed to do. Right. And so I can't say that like you asked your one client, like, what does she do for fun? Yeah. I don't know that I have anything that I could say I do for fun. but I feel probably because I always feel driven, like there's always purpose behind what I'm doing. Mm-hmm. And I just, would you say it brings you joy? Well, learning brings me joy. Okay. That's good. Yeah. Do you have a self-care routine? Oh, no, no. Wait a second. You have to have some time to, to pamper yourself I have to say, I don't feel guilty if I sleep in anymore. It's not that though, like sleeping in. So that's something you feel like is, um, self-care, right? That's, I mean, and, and that is, but I mean, like, so relational is part of one of the aspects I work in, you know, as a holistic coach, so the relationship with ourself is the most important one. We have to have a good relationship with ourself. And that goes back to like, you know, asking people what the way they do for fun. And that when you do, when you have something that you do for fun, that's, like I said, meditate for me, it's hoop dancing, it builds your relationship with yourself, your higher self as people call it you know, your higher self. Thank you for listening. Check out vitality exchange for more resources, interactions, and online masterclasses.   I am thrilled to announce that Jennifer Becker will be one of the certified health coaches supporting the vitality exchange, collectives new conscious leader wellness program in 2024. This 12 month program helps leaders explore a new definition of success. One that incorporates wellness and daily decisions of joy. At home. And at work.  You can visit Jennifer's [email protected]. Or follow her on Instagram at aspire integrative

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